Throughout our creative fleshing out for the Esch2022 REMIX Festival — our series of action-packed preamble activations to the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture kick-off next year — the guiding values were inclusivity, creativity, and participation. The latter, of course, means reaching demographics as wide and diverse as the region itself, appreciating the full breadth of talent and ideas latent within our communities. While most of our activations have sought to unleash the artistic self-expression of participants by inviting them through sound or movement, the latest junction of our efforts have concerned the realm of future-oriented thinking — and who better to manifest these visionary dreams than the voices of tomorrow, the children themselves?

We designed a major youth research program, the Esch2022 Space Program, for hundreds of children and young adults to collaboratively craft and share their vision for the future through exploring the topic of humanity in space, and the possibility of habitable regions beyond Earth. Is there more to space than its mining?

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