Our Staff Pick this week is the keeper of our mental and bodily wellbeing Susana Beiro-Shelper. A founder of battleROYAL, Susana has continuously been offering tailored fitness classes to bR staff.

As a former dancer, she brings a great understanding of the body, its needs, and its limits. Fitness training is yet another medium for movement and focus.

Her training focuses on the experience and deepening of people’s connection with their bodies. In her own words, she would like us to “feel greater comfort and freedom in and with our bodies”. For her, this constitutes part of freedom of movement and an everyday life without restrictions.


© Claudia Greco

As a company, Susana helps us to realize our ideal of becoming a company where “work-life balance” is not just an empty catchphrase, but filled with concrete meaning. We are aware that especially in these unsettling times staying physically healthy and grounded is essential. Our ability to feel interested and fulfilled at work and to produce ideas that reflect that disposition depends on it.

As a creative studio we have worked a lot with physicality and dance and Susana helps us to keep our bodies and minds connected, so that we can keep thinking in- and on embodied terms. So thanks for bringing us into our bodies, Susana.

Follow Susana on Instagram. If you want to join our weekly workout classes, reach out to Susana at hello@susana-beiro.com.

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