In the past two articles of this series we already reflected on our own experiences with immersive events: as a gamechanger in the whole industry and as a toolbox for new approaches. This final installment will focus on the potential of augmented and virtual reality.

The fast development and ever-growing possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have a big impact, especially on immersive experiences. Their role in those experiences is much more critical than in more conventional formats, that focus on audience members purely as spectators. AR and VR have the same goal as immersive events: to give participants an active part and an individual experience.

Obstacles and chances

The industry has a long-standing and still growing interest in the opportunities that have arisen. However, technical or financial barriers still prevent extensive use. But these hurdles are getting smaller. Nevertheless, understanding of immersive experiences is not yet widespread in Germany and the benefits are often unknown. That is precisely why this approach offers great potential in this country. Industry giants and renowned cultural events are discovering it more and more.


Immersion as live experience can be achieved in different ways, but the focus is always on the respect for the participants. This is a significant shift in the role a visitor or audience plays: away from the passive position, towards a more active, creative responsibility. This approach serves curiosity, enthusiasm and the joy of experiments. This leads to true immersion, which is hard to escape.

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Beyond Realities

This text is the translated extract of an essay from the study BEYOND REALITIES, published by Phocus Brand Contact and conceived in cooperation with FAMAD e.V. for this year’s BrandEx Festival. You can download the full version of the German study here.

We would like to thank Phocus Brand Context and Frank Sonder for trusting in our expertise.