Born out of an ever-evolving interdisciplinary melting pot, battleROYAL has always tried to absorb and infuse the different facets of the cultural cosmos into both our work and our very own mindset. At our core, we are curious, forward-thinking, and always on the lookout for novelty — a mission we try, and hope to mirror in every single project we take on, ensuring we carve our own path, and put our own spin on the cultural zeitgeist.

One such creative endeavor has been our alliance with the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture, which has enabled us to explore and highlight the rich yet under-explored tapestry of the local culture. battleROYAL is creatively directing and producing the launch of the year-long celebration of Esch2022 and its lead-up phase starting this fall.

As part of our partnership with the Luxembourgish region, we have decided to spotlight the varied and ever-morphing regional musical scene by putting out a call to all aspiring musicians, and passionate beat-makers and experimental sonic artisans to take part in our Future Frequencies initiative. 



The initiative will take the form of a two-week workshop under the mentorship of European electronic music heavyweights Frank Wiedemann, founder of the Innervisions label, and British producer Matthew Herbert. The invitation to apply for the workshop goes out to all emerging as well as established composers, music producers, performers, and songwriters. We are on the lookout for raw talent from all backgrounds, encapsulating the contemporary sound and vibe of the Esch-sur-Alzette region. Ever the disciples and messengers of hybrid culture, we are specifically looking for people who are open to move beyond their own musical boundaries, bringing forward something utterly fresh. 

All ages, backgrounds and ideas welcome — creative fearlessness strongly encouraged.

Apply here to the Future Frequencies Workshop!

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