On top of all the amazing projects this year battleROYAL also started a new adventure.

In collaboration with Loyalty Innovation Pty Ltd Australia we founded make – made by many. make aims to help Creators from all around the world develop their professions and projects.

make offers a great way for Creators of all kinds to present and develop their work. Whether it’s a how-to video, music composition, short film or fitness course – Creators can share really any ongoing creation they want their Supporters to enjoy. Supporters can then connect with their favourite Creators, they fund the ones they love and become a part of the creation process.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, there are no deadlines or limits. It’s all about sustainable funding. When Creators receive regular, small amounts of support, it allows them to plan ahead, continue to make interesting work and most importantly, it gives them more time to connect with their Supporters and share their experiences.

Learn more about make here: www.make.fund